Aparna Rangnekar

In a career spanning over two decades Aparna Rangnekar has created works of art across a variety of styles, genres and substrates as a mode of exploring form, texture and different mediums. Her early works have been an assortment of abstract and expressionist experimentation and now has returned to her original passion of creating large scale murals over the last few years. Aparna’s unique style of using vibrant colours and bold textures to create striking compositions that have a childlike simplicity have fast become her signature.

An art educator at the Milton Centre for the Arts, Aparna is also engaged with various art groups in the community and serves on the board of Arts Milton, a not-for-profit organization that promotes, facilitates and catalyzes Arts and Culture engagements in the community of Milton. She has facilitated several community art projects in the Greater Toronto Area and has facilitated multiple community art projects in Milton over past five years for Ontario Culture Days.

Soumitra Dasgupta

With a career spanning poetry, advertising, writing and film making, Soumitra’s varied exposure is reflected in the rather vibrant and revolutionary rendition of his subject. Part of the 1980 batch from the Government College of Art, Kolkata, Soumitra was always an emotionally charged painter, with a deep rooted association and sense of belonging with the Indian heartland. His biggest exploration is through his paintings charged with his own spiritual impetus.

Kali, Chaitanya and Nandi

This series of Chaitanya, Kali and other symbols have emerged out of my subconscious self. Growing up in a rural space in West Bengal, I was exposed to many rituals and practices that honed a sense of faith and awe in me. This not only gives me strength, but becomes a doorway for me to explore sacred spaces of consciousness. There is a constant struggle between the mind and the ego, and during my states of painting I get lost and somehow feel the force of my primal mind guiding me.

That for me is my Kali, my Chaitanya, a negotiation with my own ego.

Fire painting

Soumitra Dasgupta experiments with flammable paint on rubber sheets and canvas to create a unique texture. This energy is carried forward from his exploration of the Chaitanya and Kali series, where destruction becomes a part of the form as well as the theme.

“I like the volatile nature of this fire painting process. It’s almost like being on the edge of a state of sleep and waking, where my awareness gets lost and a sense of identity dissolves. I don’t always know what will happen to the final painting, i have to trust in the flow of the flame and be open to the energy of the present moment” – Soumitra Dasgupta